Before making New Year resolutions, let go of some old life files

Vhutsilo Masibigiri
2 min readJan 1, 2022


Letting go ….its probably the hardest thing for me to do. I have not yet mastered this skill to the fullest, but I keep on reminding myself to let go of the things that are no longer meaningful. I am writing this because it is the beginning of the year. And most people focus a lot of energy on the New Year resolutions. Before you make those New Year resolutions, I encourage you to let go of a few things. Take it like your phone. Most of the time our phones run out of space and we need to delete some old files, photos, videos, etc that are no longer important. When the phone runs out of space, all we need to do is select the files that we no longer need, and hit the delete button. We do this all the time with our phones and we hardly do it with our life files.

We do not delete our life files often because we are socialised to accumulate things but not to let them go. We collect things, for example, money, animals, goals, clothes, shoes, properties, cars, and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. We are collectors. We even collect wives….I guess this is a South African thing for a few who do it (not everyone does it). When someone like Warren Buffet mentions that he is going to give away most of his money, we think its a crazy idea. We are good at accumulating but, not at ease with letting go. We associate letting go with loss. We tend to hold on a little longer than we are supposed to.

Below are some of the things we can let go to create mental space:

Letting go of….work baggage that has nothing to do with us

Letting go of…..people who have already served their purposes

Letting go of… that keeps us imprisoned

Letting go of….competition with the Jones

Letting go of…..decisions that we made when you were young, and they no longer serve us

Letting go of…..people’s opinions of us

Because letting go is so hard, I try to do it once a year on my birthday. On my birthday, these are some of the things I let go of in the past….

· Things that are no longer meaningful,

· People whose purposes have been served,

· Ideas that have reached their sell-by date,

· Decisions that I made out of fear,

· Choices I made when I was still young and innocent,

· Things that filled the house but were no longer needed,

· People’s opinions of me,

· Negativity that kept me grounded in a certain spot

Each time I let go, I feel better, lighter, and I have more space in my mind to tackle new challenges. I feel like I can go further with more room to work with. Sometimes to have glowing skin, you need to shed the old skin. For 2022, try letting go of a few things, before adding new things. It works.



Vhutsilo Masibigiri

Speaker, Writer, HR Consultant with over 25 years of work experience. She is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategist, and writes for Diversity SA